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Welcome to the Sculpted Society Programme! This is a collaboration between you and Sculpted by Aimee and we can't wait to see you shouting loud! Please read and sign the contract below in order to continue.

Agreement between Sculpted Society Applicant and Sculpted by Aimee

THE PARTIES Sculpted by Aimee, a company registered in Ireland under 605940 whose registered office is at 18F Main Street Dundrum, D14RP28 and 2. Name of Applicant as per profile & signed below, (“Sculpted Society Applicant”).

Sculpted Society’s Applicant undertakes to complete the following Scope of Work which is part of the Sculpted Society.

SCOPE OF WORK a) Sculpted Society’s Applicant must sign up for the Sculpted Society and participate in required tasks to be able to receive rewards, product vouchers, and have the chance to be featured on Sculpted by Aimee’s digital channels. i. Sculpted by Aimee requires Sculpted Society to post at least one time on their IG Grid within 30 days after receiving their Sculpted by Aimee product. ii. After the first post goes live, Sculpted Society can take part in as many tasks and challenges as they please to level up in the program.

b) All social media posts must include i. tags to all relevant Sculpted by Aimee’s channels (@sculptedbyaimee) ii. Brand hashtags #Sculptedbyaimee #Sculptedsociety


  1. In exchange for Sculpted Society’s Applicant signing the contract, Sculpted by Aimee. will provide Sculpted Society’s Applicant with a product voucher worth €20/£20.

  2. Sculpted Society’s Applicant acknowledges that in exchange for the Welcome Gift, Sculpted Society’s Applicant must complete the deliverable outlined in the “Scope of Work” section.

  3. Should Sculpted Society’s Applicant receive product from Sculpted by Aimee and not meet the program requirements within 30 days of receipt, the product must be returned or Sculpted Society’s Applicant must acknowledge that they are liable for the full retail cost of the product.


  1. The first post must go live within 30 Days of signing up for the Sculpted Society and after receiving your Sculpted by Aimee product.

TERM 2. This Agreement shall commence on the date Sculpted Society’s Applicant signs up for the Sculpted Society and shall remain in force until Sculpted Society’s Applicant completes all items set out in the Scope of Work or is otherwise terminated as provided for in clause 12 (Termination).

USAGE 3. The Company may use the content produced by Sculpted Society’s Applicant under the Scope of Work for its social media, email and website marketing worldwide. Sculpted Society’s Applicant has absolute rights as to the creative contents. The Company will have the right to use all materials produced as part of the Scope of Work during the partnership and the Sculpted Society’s Applicant agrees that the content on the Company’s social media channels posted in the usage period will not be deleted and will fall organically towards the bottom of the feed.

  1. Exclusivity Period a. This agreement is a non-exclusive agreement and shall not prevent the Sculpted Society’s Applicant and their social media platforms from performing any services for any other party including other jewellery and accessories brands.

  2. Limitation of Liability a. Nothing in this agreement shall limit or exclude the parties’ liability for: i. death or personal injury caused by its negligence; or ii. fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation. b. Liability under this agreement for both parties is limited to the amount payable by the Company for the Scope of Work.

  3. Relationship of Parties a. Nothing in this Agreement shall create an employment relationship between Sculpted Society’s Applicant, its agents or employees and the Company.

  4. Intellectual Property and Confidentiality a. The Parties agree to keep confidential the terms of this agreement and any confidential information acquired by either party during the provision of the services as set out in the Scope of Work. b. Sculpted Society’s Applicant agrees that all intellectual property rights, including products, marketing campaigns, copy, photographs or other materials used or created in connection with the services provided under the Scope of Work remain the property of the Company. Sculpted Society’s Applicant is permitted to use the Company’s intellectual property for the sole purposes of providing the services set out in the Scope of Work and only as authorised by the Company. Upon expiry or termination of this agreement, Sculpted Society’s Applicant agrees to return or destroy any property or confidential material belonging to the Company.

  5. Force Majeure a. If, by reason of any event of force majeure, either party shall be delayed in or prevented from reperforming any of the provisions of this Agreement (otherwise than as to payment of money), then the obligations of the party so impeded shall be suspended during such period of delay or prevention. In such an event the parties will use their best endeavours to minimise and reduce any period of suspension, and no loss or damage shall be claimed by either party from the other by reason thereof. The expression "force majeure" shall mean and include fire, flood, lightning, casualty, lockout, strike, labour condition, industrial action of any kind, unavoidable accident, act of terrorism, national calamity or riot, Act of God, the act of any legally constituted authority, any cause or event arising out of or attributable to war or civil commotion, loss of financial or economic stability, malicious mischief or theft, or any other cause or event (whether of a similar or dissimilar nature) outside the control of the parties.

  6. Termination a. Either party may terminate this Agreement immediately by written notice if the other party (i) commits an irremediable material breach of this Agreement; or (ii) commits a material breach of this Agreement which is capable of remedy and fails to remedy such breach within thirty (30) days after receiving written request to do so specifying details of the breach complained of; or (iii) becomes insolvent or if any insolvency proceedings are commenced against it.

  7. Governing Law a. Approval and acknowledgement of terms will be agreed to, accepted & considered binding under the governed & construed accordance with the law of the State of New York and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of New York courts.

Agreed and Confirmed by the Parties of their duly appointed representatives.

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